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Christofle: A Symbol of Luxury and Elegance

In 1830, Charles Christofle managed to turn a small Paris jewelry workshop into a world-famous enterprise and received a patent for the production of silver jewelry.


In 1830, Charles Christofle managed to turn a small Paris jewelry workshop into a world-famous enterprise and received a patent for the production of silver jewelry.

It was then when Christofle was founded, a French company that manufactures exquisite silverware and tableware. 

Christofle’s meticulously hand-crafted products are highly distinguished by their elegance, quality, unique technology, impeccability, and perfection. The aesthetic condition of the models remains unchanged over the years, in accordance with modern design trends. 

The Christofle brand never disappoints: quality, creativity, tastefulness and elegance can always be perceived in each item. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company’s silverware was actually presented at all world exhibitions, and the recognized best exhibits are stored in the most famous museums in the world. 

Additionally, during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III, Charles Christofle received the title of “Fournisseur de l’Etat” (government supplier), which allowed him to decorate the Elysee Palace with his artwork.

The First Customers of the Exquisite Silverware

Traditionally, Christofle’s clients are the kings of France – King Louis-Philippe and Emperor Napoleon III. 

An interesting fact is a silver-encrusted bed for an Indian Maharaja with four full-length women was created by the brand in 1882. 

The company has also made sculptures for the Grand Opera in Paris and service of 45,000 items for the transatlantic liner Normandy. 

Today, Christofle collaborates with numerous talented artists, designers, and sculptors, releasing collections in limited editions. Among those who managed to work with the iconic brand are Andre Putman, Marcel Wonders, Ora-Ito, and Karim Rashid.

The Three Metals That Create Stability Over Time

The coating of modern Christofle cutlery is always 925 sterling silver. Its coverage is 80 microns – the highest possible and guarantees strength for at least 60 years. Christofle’s alloy is patented and consists of three metals: copper, nickel, and zinc. The careful quality control, the special production technology, and the observance of the tradition become complex collections – vessels; cutlery; elements of decorative and applied arts; jewelry and accessories; crystal and porcelain products. Everything you need to bring comfort and luxury to your home.

Christofle’s Most Popular Collections

Cardeilhac – exceptional cutlery sets. Maison Cardeilhac was founded in 1804 by Antoine-Vital Cardeilhac. 

The French company specialized in silver cutlery and tableware and was acquired by Christofle in 1951, after a century of success. 

Christofle then sustained the Cardeilhac patterns and continued it well into the 20th century.

Gallia – Christofle created the Gallia collection, which is actually the name of a durable copper-tin alloy, which was successfully covered with silver due to the patented 

Technique of the company (named electroplating). Gallia was widely used during the Art-deco period and was less expensive to manufacture which opened a new market of high quality goods at more affordable prices.    

Concorde – symbolizes the elegance of clean lines and ornaments. 

MOOD is an exquisite silver dining set in an original egg-shaped stand. The Jardin d’Eden cutlery collection surprises with fully engraved cutlery, which is rapidly gaining popularity. 

Marly features intricately engraved asymmetrical plant motifs. 

Vertigo was created by designer Andre Putman in 2000 in beautiful ring shapes, symbolizing the endless cycle of life. 

The Albie collection is inspired by the cathedral in France; it features clean lines, and is completely in the spirit of French elegance.

Christofle is an Eternal Symbol of French Elegance and Luxury, Embodied in Exquisite Silverware

Since 1994, the brand has expanded its boundaries to include not only cutlery but also porcelain, crystal ware, candlesticks, picture frames. 

Today, the French brand owns several factories and large boutiques around the world. Many of the top hotels and restaurants choose to go for silver Christofle cutlery. Elegant silver items of the French brand are presented in more than 70 countries around the world, with prices of the cutlery corresponding to their high quality, unique and exclusive designs. 

Christofle’s top quality silver and tasteful designs will certainly add elegance and sophistication to the table, creating a favorable mood and unparalleled elegance to your home.

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